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Chuck Leaver – If You Live In Chicago Then You Face More Chance Of A Cyber Attack Than Anywhere Else

From the desk of Chuck Leaver CEO Ziften Technologies If you live in Chicago or run a company or work there, you must take note of a report that reveals that Chicago is among the most vulnerable cities in the USA for cyber attacks. The National Consumers League, who are Washington D.C. based group who

Chuck Leaver – Why You Need To Enhance Your Security After Bank Attacks

Written by Chuck Leaver Ziften CEO   The world of global hacking consists of so many cyber bad guys that it would be impossible to name all of them. However, there are some hacking cooperatives that make their voices heard louder than the others, and a good example of this is the Anonymous group. Mostly

Chuck Leaver – A Lesson To Be Learned From Bank Attacks Is The Use Of Layered Security

Chuck Leaver CEO Ziften writes There have been a variety of cyber attacks on ATMs which have actually permitted bad guys to steal millions of dollars. In order to combat this threat, monetary businesses need to understand the various elements of cyber security and the factors behind their usage. Financial data will always be extremely