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Chuck Leaver – Target Lost Money And It Took Months To Recover So Here Is What You Need To Do To Prevent This From Happening To Your Organization

By Chuck Leaver CEO Ziften After Target was breached it took several months for the company to recover and be given a clean bill of health. Continuous Recovery Effort And Reports Of Financial Loss It was a major story when Target suffered from its data breach. Like all major news stories it faded into the

If Russian Cyber Criminals Can Steal Billions Of Customer Profiles Then You Need To Defend Your Network With Continuous Endpoint Monitoring – Chuck Leaver

Chuck Leaver Ziften CEO   It is believed that the greatest recognized cyber attack in the history of data breaches has been discovered by an American cyber security business. It is believed by the company that a group of cyber crooks from Russia that they have actually been investigating for numerous months is responsible for

Chuck Leaver – The Benefits Of The Ziften And Splunk Active Response Framework Revealed

Written By Chuck Leaver CEO Ziften   We were the sponsor in Las Vegas for a terrific Splunk.conf2014 program, we returned stimulated and raring to go to push on even further forward with our solution here at Ziften. A talk that was of particular interest was by the Security Solutions Architect for Splunk, Jose Hernandez.