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Chuck Leaver – Learning From Past Errors Means Experian Must Use Continuous Monitoring

Written By Josh Applebaum And Presented By Charles Leaver Ziften CEO Experian Have to Learn from Mistakes Of The Past And Implement A Continuous Monitoring Solution Operating in the security industry, I have actually constantly felt my job was hard to explain to the average individual. Over the last few years, that has changed. Regrettably,

Chuck Leaver – UCLA Health Data Breach. When Will We Learn From These Incidents?

Written By Craig Hand And Presented By Ziften CEO Chuck Leaver UCLA Health Data Breach Likely Due To Poor Security UCLA Health revealed on July 17th 2015 that it was the victim of a health data breach impacting as many as 4.5 million health care customers from the four medical facilities it runs in the

Chuck Leaver – Adult Friend Finder Data Breach May Have Been Avoided With Ziften Endpoint Security

Written By Chuck McAuley And Presented By Chuck Leaver Ziften CEO Endpoint Security Is The Best Friend For Adult Friend Finder Adult Friend Finder, an online “dating service” and its affiliates were hacked in April. The leaked information included charge card numbers, usernames, passwords, dates of birth, address details and personal – you know –

Chuck Leaver – OPM Breach Causes Biometric Data Compromise

Written By Mike Hamilton And Presented By Ziften CEO Charles Leaver     Enhanced Security Protection of Personal and Biometric Data Required After OPM Breach       Just recently, I had to go through a reasonably extensive background check process. At the time it was among those circumstances where you sign into the portal,

Chuck Leaver – The Use Of Ziften Endpoint Security Might Have Avoided Breach At Ashley Madison

Written By Michael Vaughn And Presented By Chuck Leaver Ziften CEO   Life is Too Short to Not Execute Endpoint Security.   Ashley Madison’s tagline is “Life is short. Have an affair.” It appears security falls very short at the business, however, as countless consumer records were blasted out for the whole world to see