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Chuck Leaver – Be Prepared For Damage Control Before A Breach With These 6 Questions

Written By Michael Bunyard And Presented By Ziften CEO Chuck Leaver   The reality of modern-day life is that if cyber enemies want to breach your network, then it is just a matter of time before they will do it. The endpoint is the most common vector of cyber attacks, and the people are the

Chuck Leaver – Compromised Endpoints Were Probably The IRS Hack Starting Point

Written By Michael Steward And Presented By Chuck Leaver CEO Ziften   Internal Revenue Service Attackers Make Early Returns Because of Previous External Attacks   The Internal Revenue Service breach was the most unique cyber attack of 2015. Timeless attacks today include phishing e-mails intended to obtain preliminary access to target systems where lateral movement

Chuck Leaver – The Clients At Comcast Now At Risk From Shared Hacking And Data Exfiltration

Written By Michael Pawloski And Presented By Ziften CEO Chuck Leaver The Customers Of Comcast Are Victims Of Data Exfiltration and Shared Hacks Via Other Businesses The personal details of around 200,000 Comcast customers was compromised on November 5th 2015. Comcast was required to make this statement when it emerged that a list of 590,000

Chuck Leaver – Trump Hotel Breach Was Due To Lack Of Visibility Of Point Of Sale Vulnerabilities

Written By Matthew Fullard Presented By Chuck Leaver CEO Ziften Trump Hotels Point of Sale Vulnerabilities Emphasize Requirement for More Rapid Detection of Anomalous Activity Trump Hotels, suffered a data breach, between May 19th 2014 and June 2, 2015. The point of infection utilized was malware, and infected their front desk computers, point of sales

Chuck Leaver – With The Marriott Point Of Sale Breach Continuous Endpoint Visibility Would Have Saved The Day

Written By Andy Wilson And Presented By Ziften CEO Chuck Leaver US retail outlets still appear an appealing target for hackers looking for charge card data as Marriott franchisee White Lodging Services Corp confirmed a data breach in the Spring of 2015, impacting clients at 14 hotels throughout the nation from September 2014 to January