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Chuck Leaver – Understanding Cyber Attacks And How You Can Avoid Them

Written By Chuck Leaver CEO Ziften   No company, however little or large, is immune from a cyberattack. Whether the attack is initiated from an external source or from an insider – no business is totally protected. I have lost count of the variety of times that executives from businesses have stated to me, “why

Chuck Leaver – Security Pros Need Endpoint Visibility Before Migrating To The Cloud

Written By Logan Gilbert And Posted By Chuck Leaver Ziften CEO   Concerns Over Compliance And Security Keep Organizations From Cloud Migration Moving parts of your IT operations to the cloud can appear like a big chore, and a hazardous one at that. Security holes, compliance record keeping, the risk of introducing mistakes into your

Chuck Leaver – Have Full Visibility Of Endpoints And Take Action Against Any Incidents

Written By Logan Gilbert And Presented By Chuck Leaver   Ziften aids with incident response, remediation, and examination, even for endpoints that are not connected to your network. When incidents happen, security analysts have to act rapidly and comprehensively. With telecommuting workforces and organization “cloud” infrastructures, removal and analysis on an endpoint present a really

Chuck Leaver – This Is What CISO’s Need To Understand From OPM Cyber Attack

Written by Dr Al Hartmann And Presented By Ziften CEO Chuck Leaver   Cyber attacks, attributed to the Chinese government, had actually breached sensitive personnel databases and taken data of over 22 million existing, previous, and potential U.S. civil servants and members of their family. Stern warnings were neglected from the Office of the Inspector

Chuck Leaver – Cloud Migration Presents Additional Security Risks

Written By Chuck Leaver CEO Ziften   What Worries Enterprise CISOs When Migrating To The Cloud Moving to the cloud provides a variety of benefits to business organizations, but there are real security problems that make switching over to a cloud environment uneasy. What CISOs want when migrating to the cloud is continuous insight into

Chuck Leaver – Cyber Attacks Can Be Prevented With Good Endpoint Management

Written By Chuck Leaver, CEO Ziften   Identify and manage any device that requires access to your business network. When a company becomes larger so does its asset footprint, and this makes the job of managing the entire set of IT assets a lot more difficult. IT management has altered from the days where IT

Chuck Leaver – This Year’s Splunk.conf Showed How Critical Adaptive Response Is

Written By Michael Vaughn And Presented By Chuck Leaver Ziften CEO All the most recent achievements from Splunk Last week I went to the annual Splunk conference in the terrific sunshine state – Florida. The Orlando-based occasion allowed for Splunkers from all over the world to acquaint themselves with the most recent and greatest offerings

Chuck Leaver – Get Rid Of Adobe Flash Today And Narrow Your Attack Surface

Written By Dr Al Hartmann And Presented By Chuck Leaver Ziften CEO   Be Strong or Get Attacked. Highly knowledgeable and gifted cyber attack groups have targeted and are targeting your organization. Your huge endpoint population is the most typical point of entry for skilled attack organizations. These enterprise endpoints number in the thousands, are