Monthly archives: November, 2017

Chuck Leaver – What Is SysSecOps And Why Do You Need It?

Written By Alan Zeichick And Presented By Chuck Leaver   SysSecOps. That’s a neologism, still unseen by many IT and security administrators – but it’s being discussed within the market, by analysts, and at technical conferences. SysSecOps, or Systems & Security Operations, refers to the practice of combining security teams and IT operations teams to

Chuck Leaver – Ziften Helps You Fight Microsoft Word Phishing Attacks

Written By Josh Harriman And Presented By Chuck Leaver   A fascinating multifaceted attack has actually been reported in a recent blog by Cisco’s Talos Intelligence group. I wanted to talk about the infection vector of this attack as it’s quite interesting and something that Microsoft has actually promised not to fix, as it is

Chuck Leaver – Ransomware Can Be Prevented And Managed Taking These 4 Actions

Written By Alan Zeichick And Presented By Chuck Leaver   Ransomware is real, and is striking people, services, schools, health centers, local governments – and there’s no sign that ransomware is stopping. In fact, it’s probably increasing. Why? Let’s face it: Ransomware is probably the single most reliable attack that cyber criminals have ever developed.

Chuck Leaver – Zero Day Exploits And Attack Prevention Through Our Collaboration With Microsoft

Written By David Shefter And Presented By Chuck Leaver   This week we announced a collaboration with Microsoft that combines Ziften’s Zenith ® systems and security operations platform, and Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) delivering a cloud based, “single pane of glass” to spot, see, examine, and respond to innovative cyber attacks and breaches