Chuck Leaver – Why You Need To Enhance Your Security After Bank Attacks

Written by Chuck Leaver Ziften CEO


The world of global hacking consists of so many cyber bad guys that it would be impossible to name all of them. However, there are some hacking cooperatives that make their voices heard louder than the others, and a good example of this is the Anonymous group. Mostly developed to be a hacking group that was loosely put together, on occasions the Anonymous group will perform high profile attacks by utilizing the hacking knowledge of its members to make life difficult for governments and large corporations. Digital Journal has exposed that Norway banks have actually become a target of the Anonymous group.

Anonymous Make All Of Their Cyber Attacks At The Same Time As A Show Of Power

Through making use of cyber attacks Anonymous is a group that prefers to reveal to the world the power that is has. It shocked no one that the Norwegian component of Anonymous decided that they would attack a number of the nation’s banks, the decision was also made to attack all of the banks at once. On a specific time on the same day, eight of Norway’s most significant banks were attacked by the group, and this resulted in the electronic banking services of the 8 banks being seriously interfered with.

Supervisor of the Evry security group, Sverre Olesen, said “the extent of the attack is not the greatest we have actually seen, but it is the first time that such an attack has actually hit many central firms in the financial sector in Norway”.

Other than demonstrating the power that the Anonymous group possesses, the fact that all the attacks happened at the same time reveals that cyber crime is ending up being more of a collective effort with hackers teaming up to compare notes and providing a united force against chosen targets. Any company is susceptible to this.

They Enjoy Being In The Spotlight

The majority of cyber lawbreakers are not looking for any publicity, they just wish to take money quickly. They just wish to get in and out fast. But the Anonymous group enjoys remaining in the limelight even though there is no public link to any particular person.

According to allvoices, after the cyber attack on the Norwegian banks had happened Anonymous did not squander any time taking credit for this in public. The cyber attacks on the banks not just interfered with the online pay platforms but likewise created serious troubles for customers of the banks.

This attack by Anonymous highlights the requirement for all organizations to enable endpoint threat detection and response systems that will protect them from the very same devastating occurrences occurring to them.