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Chuck Leaver – Don’t Risk Your Enterprise Security By Not Checking Mac Computers

Written By Roark Pollock And Presented By Chuck Leaver   Got Macs? That’s fine. I also own one. Have you locked your Macs down? If you haven’t, your enterprise has a possibly serious security weak point. It’s a misconception to believe that Macintosh computer systems are inherently secure and do not need to be safeguarded

Chuck Leaver – Without Strategic Alliances Security Issues Will Continue

Written By Chuck Leaver   No one can solve cybersecurity alone. No one solution business, no one service provider, no one can deal with the whole thing. To take on security needs cooperation between different players. In some cases, those players are at different levels of the service stack – some install on endpoints, some

Chuck Leaver – Is Your SysSecOps Solution Really Flexible?

Written By Chuck Leaver   You will find that endpoints are all over. The device you read this on is an endpoint, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. The HEATING AND COOLING controller for your structure is an endpoint, presuming it’s linked to a network, and the WiFi access points and the security

Chuck Leaver – New Meltdown And Spectre Threats And How Ziften Helps

Written By Josh Harriman And Presented By Chuck Leaver   Ziften is aware of the latest exploits affecting virtually everybody who deals with a computer system or digital device. While this is a huge statement, we at Ziften are working very hard helping our consumers find susceptible assets, fixing those susceptible systems, and keeping track

Chuck Leaver – What Is SysSecOps And Why Do You Need It?

Written By Alan Zeichick And Presented By Chuck Leaver   SysSecOps. That’s a neologism, still unseen by many IT and security administrators – but it’s being discussed within the market, by analysts, and at technical conferences. SysSecOps, or Systems & Security Operations, refers to the practice of combining security teams and IT operations teams to

Chuck Leaver – Ziften Helps You Fight Microsoft Word Phishing Attacks

Written By Josh Harriman And Presented By Chuck Leaver   A fascinating multifaceted attack has actually been reported in a recent blog by Cisco’s Talos Intelligence group. I wanted to talk about the infection vector of this attack as it’s quite interesting and something that Microsoft has actually promised not to fix, as it is

Chuck Leaver – Ransomware Can Be Prevented And Managed Taking These 4 Actions

Written By Alan Zeichick And Presented By Chuck Leaver   Ransomware is real, and is striking people, services, schools, health centers, local governments – and there’s no sign that ransomware is stopping. In fact, it’s probably increasing. Why? Let’s face it: Ransomware is probably the single most reliable attack that cyber criminals have ever developed.

Chuck Leaver – Zero Day Exploits And Attack Prevention Through Our Collaboration With Microsoft

Written By David Shefter And Presented By Chuck Leaver   This week we announced a collaboration with Microsoft that combines Ziften’s Zenith ® systems and security operations platform, and Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) delivering a cloud based, “single pane of glass” to spot, see, examine, and respond to innovative cyber attacks and breaches

Chuck Leaver – If You Want Protection Against The KRACK Vulnerability Do This

Written By Dr Al Hartmann And Presented By Chuck Leaver   Enough press has actually been produced over the Wi-Fi WPA2-defeating Key Reinsertion Attack (KRACK), that we do not have to re-cover that again. The initial discoverer’s website is an excellent location to examine the concerns and link to the in-depth research findings. This might

Chuck Leaver – Your Security Awareness Training Needs To Be Effective

Written By Chuck Leaver Ziften CEO   Effective business cybersecurity assumes that individuals – your staff members – do the right thing. That they don’t hand over their passwords to a caller who claims to be from the IT department doing a “qualifications audit.” That they don’t wire $10 million to an Indonesian checking account