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Chuck Leaver – With An Increase In Significant Data Breaches Data Loss Prevention Policies Must Be Pursued

Written By Chuck Leaver Ziften CEO   For US businesses the incident of a major cyber attack and substantial data leak is looking more like “when” rather than “if”, because of the brand-new dangers that are presenting themselves with fragmented endpoint methods, cloud computing and data extensive applications. All too often companies are overlooking or

Chuck Leaver – With The Increase In Vishing Scams The World Has Become Less Safe

Written By David Shefter And Presented By Ziften CEO Chuck Leaver I was watching TV in August, 2015 and I had a call from a 347 area code phone number. I thought that it was a business associate of mine who lives in the external boroughs, so I answer the call. The call was a

Chuck Leaver – Fearless Is What Our Company Will Be

Ziften Technologies are based in Austin, Texas, and Chuck Leaver is the CEO.   This video from the Commonwealth Club includes Steve Blank and he talks about how it is possible to build a terrific business step by step. There is no doubt that Steve is a smart man and his sense of humor is