Chuck Leaver – If You Live In Chicago Then You Face More Chance Of A Cyber Attack Than Anywhere Else

From the desk of Chuck Leaver CEO Ziften Technologies

If you live in Chicago or run a company or work there, you must take note of a report that reveals that Chicago is among the most vulnerable cities in the USA for cyber attacks. The National Consumers League, who are Washington D.C. based group who focus on customer support, released the report as stated by The Chicago Sun-Times. The report revealed some worrying findings and among these was the discovery that 43% of the city’s population reported that their data was taken and that their data was used to make purchases online. This suggests that cyber bad guys are being more proactive when it comes to stealing individual data.

So if you suffer a hacking attack on your business you should anticipate the stolen data to be used for malicious functions. The National Consumers League vice president of public policy, John Breyault, said “Chicago citizens who receive a data-breach notice should pay specific focus on purchases made online (using their details).”.

The people of Chicago are not being inactive and just dismissing this crucial information. The Illinois state Attorney General Lisa Madigan, is leading the efforts to develop a federal group who will have the responsibility of examining data security incidents, so say CBS Chicago. Madigan’s office are examining the attacks on Neiman Marcus and Target in addition to others and Madigan feels that with the current intensity of attacks the government needs to take some responsibility and handle the problem.

Madigan said “It simply makes good sense that somebody needs to take the responsibility in this day and age for putting in place security requirements for our individual monetary information, because otherwise you have disturbance and a substantial impact, potentially, to the total market.” The time frame for establishing this group is uncertain at the moment. Making things happen at the federal level can be incredibly slow.

Endpoint Threat Detection And Response System Will Provide Defense.

If you run a company in Chicago (or anywhere else) then there is no requirement for you to wait on this federal group to be developed to safeguard your company’s network. It is recommended that you implement endpoint detection and response software because this will provide major defense for your network and make it virtually cyber attack proof. If you do not make the most of robust endpoint threat and detection systems then you are leaving the door completely open for cyber wrongdoers to enter your network and cause you a lot of damage.